Cartridge Pleat Skirt

Cartridge Pleat Skirt

I decided to try making a cartridge pleat skirt.  This pattern is not hard to make but time-consuming when making the pleats.  Fold 1″ down from the top of the skirt and press.  To make the pleats, use heavy-duty thread to avoid breaking the thread when pulling on the threads to make the pleats.  I used a heavier needle because the material for this skirt was taffeta, but you can use whatever needle would best suit the material you may use.  Start 1/4″ from the top of the fold and weave every 1/2″ to 1″ sections, depending on how big you want your pleats.  When finished pulling the pleats, smooth them out and make sure the pleats are laying nicely and not bunched up or puckering.


These skirts can use 5 to 10 yards of fabric.  For light weight fabrics (cottons, silk, or linen) you can use 5-10 yards of fabric.  Heavier fabrics such as wool would use 5 yards of fabric.  A 5 yard skirt will give you a 160″ bottom circumference and will enable the skirt to go over almost any hoop.  Extravagant amounts of fabric were sometimes used in skirts of the period for ball gowns and dinner dresses.

The pattern I used for this skirt is Period Impressions #604.

Cartridge Pleats

Period Impressions Pattern #604

Additional Information:

I also found other useful information on the following websites, but there are others that you can research.  I just liked the way these two explained making the pleats.



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