Girls Undergarments

Girls Undergarments



Pictured above is the pattern used for these two undergarments.  The slip actually shows a bodice sewn to the slip, but I chose not to include the bodice.  The folds in the slip can also be left down as the girl grows.  Of course, you will have to remove the lace bottom, but this isn’t difficult and will save you money from always buying new slips as they grow.  You can also make the waist a little larger than the actual measurement of the waist, this way you can also adjust this as they grow.  The back closure is shell buttons.  The fabric is 100% white cotton.  Eyelet trim is also 100% cotton.

The drawers are very simple and are also made with 100% white cotton fabric.  Eyelet trim is 100% cotton.  Back tie is 100% cotton.  This tie can be made longer so that you have enough to tie a bow with some left over for growth.

All fabric used to make these items is period correct, 100% cotton.  No cotton blends.

Last post was the girls’ dress, here are the undergarments that were made to go with the dress.   These were very easy to make and can be made to fit any size, even though the pattern only includes certain sizes.  All you have to do is measure the waist for both pieces.  For the slip, measure the length from the waist to about mid calf, depending on the age of the girl.  As the young girl ages, the dress and slip will get longer.  For the drawers, measure from the waist to just above the ankle.

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