Making a Haversack


Making a Haversack

I really don’t have a pattern for making a haversack, but you could probably search the internet for a pattern, if you wish to do so.  To make one for my family, I took one of theirs that is made of a leather quality.  I used muslin to make one and made another one out of ticking.  I placed the first haversack on the piece of muslin and traced around it to make the back and front piece.  Both of these pieces are the same size.  I then proceeded to trace the top flap of the haversack.  I did double the fabric on all pieces to make it more durable.  For the top flap I cut a three sided square and the fourth side made into a triangle point.  To measure the strap, I placed the old one on the material and actually added 1-2 inches to the length.  You can also measure the strap by measuring from the back belt line, diagonally over the opposite shoulder, and to the front of the belt line.  I also added about 2″ to this for seam allowance.  On the strap I used about a 1/4″ seam and on the other pieces used about a 1/2″ seam. This should give you a good length for the strap, but you can always gauge it to the size of the person or your own preference.  Sew two separate front and back sections together.  You will end up with two sets.  Turn one inside out, this will be your outside.  Keep the lining with the right sides together.  Insert the lining inside the other piece.  This is the base for your haversack.   Hand or machine sew the top of these pieces.  Sew the flap pieces right side together and turn, outside showing.  Hand sew or machine sew the flap to the haversack.  I prefer machine sewing, but that is my preference.  Sew the shoulder strap right sides together, leaving one small end open.  To make turning this inside out much easier, use a long dowel rod.  Place rod at the sewn end and work the edges of the strap down the rod until it is fully turned.  Hand or machine sew the strap to the haversack.  Sew each strap to the back of the haversack.  Sew a square then an X in the square on the ends of each strap.  Make a button hole on the flap and attach a button.  This is a picture of the one I made.  It was aged by soaking in coffee!Back of haversackDetails of Sewn Strap

Front of haversack

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